Venue Hire

The Artrium, an exhibition space distinguished by the juxtaposition of its historical and contemporary architecture, and the contrast of its granite fixtures – is marked by a skylight 29 metres above the mail floor that is not only immediately perceived by its visitors but also allows natural light to flood into the air-conditioned space.

Open 365 days a year, the Artrium is available for hire by both artists and corporations. The expansive space has played host to local as well as international performances and exhibitions, organised by and showcasing artists of all genres, from the aspiring and emerging to the established.

 Basic Information

Cleaning services, air-conditioning and technical services are chargeable where applicable. Please refer to Hiring Information.

Bookings are opened 12 months in advance. Please refer to the calendar below, check with the Managing Agent ( for availability and to make a provisional booking.

 How to Apply

Step 1 - Information
Download and read the following documents:
• Hiring Information
• Layout Plan
• Application Form

Step 2 - Application
Submit the application form and your proposal to the Managing Agent for evaluation within 2 weeks of making a provisional booking.

Suggested format:
• Theme/ Purpose of event
• Curriculum Vitae of participating artists
• Photo-samples of works

Step 3 - Payment
If your proposal is accepted, an invoice will be sent to you. Complete payment one week before the event starts. If payment is not received by the stipulated date, the Managing Agent reserves the right to reject the booking.